Freestyle Dance Co. - Company Message
Q: How do I audition? Especially if I didn't attend summer camp?
A: Audition is required for placement on a team. Summer camp is our preferred means of accomplishing this. If you can not attend our audition camp in the summer, you may schedule a private audition by contacting Melanie Ellis. Once teams are full, no further auditions will take place.

Q: Is there a dress code for class?
A: TECH CLASS REQUIRES A BLACK LEOTARD and ballet or jazz shoes.  Students may wear dance shorts, tights or leggings with the black leotard. For their regular class, students  should come dressed in apparel that allows movement. No skirts, denim or dresses. Leotards, leggings, spanx are all appropriate. Please be modest: no bare midriffs, extremely short shorts, etc... foot undeez, jazz shoes, lyrical shoes are all acceptable footwear for practice. 
Q: What are the costume fees? When are they due? Are they refundable?
Costume prices and competition fees will be discussed at the mandatory parent meeting. They are made in payments throughout the year and fundraising is available for these fees. Fees are non-refundable and must be paid on time. This is how we ensure competition registration and timely costuming.
Q: What kind of fundraisers are available? Is fundraising required?
A: Fundraising is not required. We will attempt at our first meeting to acquire a booster president for the year. This person will lead and delegate to other parents who desire to fundraise. Our most successful fundraisers in years past have been: iPad raffle, salsa sales, business sponsorships, and Gold Canyon candles. Fundraising is optional but minimum amounts of sales may be required for those who are planning on fundraising to make the fundraiser successful. 

Q: How many performances and what kinds of performances?
A: We will try our best to schedule approximately one a month (as to not overload anyone). Examples include (but aren't limited to): BFHS  games, Phoenix Suns games, Schnepf Farms, the Christmas parade, community events, and our very own recital. We will also choose 2 competitions for our teams to attend. 

 Q: What is the recital fee for?
A: This covers the cost of our venue, awards for the girls, music, props, extra costume items, and many other small details that go into putting on our show.
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