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2019-2020 FDC TEAMS: 

Congratulations to our new teams! THERE WILL BE ONE MORE AUDITION ON JULY 19th at 6pm at BFHS dance room! Don't forget the mandatory meeting on August 1, 2019 at 6:30pm . Please check the schedule first so you are aware of the times of all required classes. Then, register online and select all their classes. Dance begins August 5th.

Teenies:TBD-  no audition required. First come, first serve.

Tinys: TBD- no audition required. First come, first serve. Sienna Vercio

Mini Prep Team: Charly N, Marley S, Scarlett J, Renn L, Macy H, Noel,  Jackie S, Kinsley O, Harper S, Reese Whiting, Annabeth Warby(classes required: mini prep, mini prep tech, tumbling available).

Mini Elite: Taylor M, Reese V, Hayden P, Kenna S, Emma A, Anah A, Lexi M,  Taelynn M, Lilly Mullenaux, Presley Mack (classes required: mini elite tech, mini elite, tumbling at their level: 1, 2 or 3.)

Jr. Competitive: Teylor W, Paisley N, Makayla B, Evalette M, Livi L, Sophia T, Tatum H, Evie L, Taylor E, Gwen N, Lucy Mullenaux, Sabryna Thompson (classes required: Jr. Comp. tech, Jr Comp, tumbling available).

Jr. Elite: Hadley J, Taylor R, Kinlee M, Arianna A, Chaycelee M, Avery S, Brooklyn T, Lily Roberts, Loree Carroll, Isabella Macdonald, Emmie Lunt (classes required: jr. elite tech, jr elite, tumbling at their level: 1, 2 or 3).

Sr. Competitive: Claire S, Chloe S, Olivia T, Ava A, Larissa D, Avery H, Rylee Shirley, Gracee Chaffee, Kami Christensen, Becca Westrup, Anaston Knight, Maile Taylor, Alexa Jones
(classes required: sr. comp, sr. combined, sr. comp. tech, tumbling available).

Sr. Elite:  Maggie H, Bethany R, Hailey J, Bailey A, Zoey H, Maddie S, Lydia E, Hailey P, Sofia D, Jorsyn Taylor, Isabelle Nienstedt, Sydney Roberts (classes required: sr. combined, sr. elite tech, sr. elite, tumbling available).

*COMPANY*- NEW! The following dancers are invited to join a new most advanced group- Brianna Moffat, Mia Rogers, Kaileigha Pugmire, Kate Nienstedt, Olivia Roberts, Avery Meacham, Kaligh Pugmire (TBA- we are working on updating our schedule). Mini Prep Team: (classes required: mini prep, mini prep tech, tumbling available).


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