Freestyle Dance Co. - Company Message

Teenies: (approx. ages 3-4)
Teenies participate in 45 minutes/week of class time. During their class they will be taught basic ballet technique, flexibility, tumbling basics, and performance routines in two different genres. They will participate in a December recital and an April recital. This is a great start for our little future dancers!

Tinys: (approx ages 4-5)
Tinys participate in 1 hour of class per week. During their class they will be taught ballet technique, flexibility, and performance routine in two different dance genres. They will have the opportunity to participate in community performances with the other Freestyle teams and compete at least one time. They will also showcase their routines in our spring recital. They have an option of participating in the beginning tumbling class to gain strength, flexibility and acrobatic skills. 

Minis: (approx ages 6-8)
Minis participate in 2 required hours of class per week. One hour is strictly dedicated to technique and the other for performance and choreography. They will benefit from the same opportunities as our tiny class but with more intricate skills and routines. They too have the opportunity to attend beginning or intermediate tumbling depending on their level. We divide minis into a mini-prep class (for beginning-intermediate) and a mini elite class (for advanced dancers).  This is the age where they really begin to discover their love for dance! 

Junior/Senior Competitive Teams: (jr's up to 12, sr. 13 and up)
Three hours of class is required. One hour is dedicated strictly to technique. The other two will be a fusion of tech and performance choreography. They too will have many performance opportunities and compete as a team. They will be encouraged but not required to take the tumbling/acro classes offered this year. The competitive teams are a perfect preparation for our advanced elite teams. 

Junior/Senior Elite Teams: 
These students are chosen by audition to participate in our most elite groups. They are required to take 3 hours/week of dance and 1 hour/week of tumbling/acro. They will also perform and compete around the community and will be pushed with difficult skills and challenging choreograpy. 


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