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2017-2018 FDC TEAMS: 

Congratulations to our new teams! THERE WILL BE ONE MORE AUDITION ON JULY 17TH at 6pm at the QCHS Dance Room! Don't forget the mandatory meeting on July 18th at 6pm at QCHS. Please check the schedule first so you are aware of the times of all required classes. Then, register online and select all their classes. Dance begins July 31st.

Teenies:TBD- no audition required. First come, first serve.

Tinys: TBD- no audition required. First come, first serve.

Mini Prep Team: Evalynn Drew, Sophie Sanfilippo, Maya VanNoy, Remi Slade, Claire Farnsworth, Kenna Shepherd, Hadley Larsen, Carley Palmer, Lily Roberts, Brooklyn Thompson, Lexxi Medina (classes required: mini prep, tumbling available).

Mini Elite: Chaycelee McRae, Taylor Ellis, Mia Taylor, Maci Sterling, Tatum Hon, Evalette Medina, Kalais Pugmire, Hadley Johnson, Evalette Medina, Taylor Rae (classes required: mini elite tech, mini elite, tumbling 1).

Jr. Competitive: Ruby Larson, Embry Johnson, Lydia Ellis, Charli Gauthier, Isabella Macdonald, Maile Taylor, Libby Sterling, Larisa Duran, Chloe Schneider, Maddie Sharp, Kate Booth, Ally Lindblom, Alyssa Thomas, Sydney Roberts (classes required: Jr. Comp. tech, Jr Comp, tumbling available).

Jr. Elite: Ellie Church, Kaligh Pugmire, Isabelle Aldrich, Hayley Pace, Ashlyn Nasser, Sydney Parkinson, Savannah Clark, Noelani Thorner, Mia Rogers, Lydia Ellis, Avery Hall (classes required: jr. elite tech, jr elite, tumbling 2).

Sr. Competitive: Bailey Hoelzel, Raeanna Ambrosio, Sofia Duran, Sophie Whittaker, Faith Williamson, Brooklyn Palmer
(classes required: sr. comp, sr. combined, sr. tech, tumbling available).

Sr. Elite: Olivia Slade, Kate Nienstedt, Olivia Nienstedt, Kenley Johnson, Brianna Moffat, Hayley Dean, Kaileigha Pugmire (classes required: sr. combined, sr. tech, sr. elite, tumbling available).

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